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Bethany Educational Society
Bethany School, Sulantu is one of the schools run by Bethany Educational Society which runs more than a hundred formal and non-formal schools all over India.

VISION: To promote the glory of God by the holiness of the members of our Institute and the service of the Kingdom of God.

GOAL: The goal of our educational endeavour is fullness of life for all, especially the marginalized, the rural poor girls, through an integrated formation, in partnership with God to build His Kingdom.

CORE VALUES: Bethany School aspires to inculcate in its students the seven Core values of Bethany Educational Society through cultural and literary activities, social outreach programmes and in all the activities of the school. They include:
1. God experience
2. Compassionate love for all, especially the poor and the marginalized.
3. Communion, collaboration and team spirit.
4. Excellence in terms of developing each one’s unique potentialities to build a just and humane community.
5. Truth, love, justice and peace.
6. Simplicity of life style and dignity of labour.
7. Respect for life, nature, cultures, religions and love for the nation.

Bethany School has been dedicated to Msgr. R.F.C. Mascarenhas, Servant of God, the Founder of the Bethany Congregation and the first President of the Bethany Educational Society.

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